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Beige spiliced nautical style curtain tieback witha monkey fist knot on a white curtain

Tiebacks For Gazebos

On this page you will find entire collection of gazebo tiebacks These gazebo curtain holdbacks are suitable for outdoor use, and many of these designs will hold your gazebo curtains without the need for a hook. When choosing your tiebacks for gazebos you should consider whether you want to have a monkey fist tieback that just hold the curtain like in this image, or whether you would like to go around your gazebo post. Going around the post will provide more support, but will need a longer tieback. For monkey fist tiebacks like in the image, we measure the tieback from where the rope attaches to the monkey fist, to the loop at the other side. (length excluding the knot)  Our other curtain tiebacks are measured from one end to the other.  If you need any help, please ask via live chat.

_MG_2441 1000sq.jpg

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