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  • What are my options, and how do I order?"
    For each listing in the drop down menu, you will find a number of different options. Please see below some examples, and confirmation of what they are. - Single 16 inch (40 cm) - This is one tieback with no wall hooks - Pair 16 inch (40cm) – This is a pair of tiebacks with no wall hooks - Single 16” + hook – This is one tieback with one wall hook - Pair 16” + hooks – This is a pair of tiebacks and two hooks
  • What are the wall hooks like?
    The wall hooks are lovely rustic, black wall hooks. They have good weight, and are made of iron. They have an old style look to them. They beautifully compliment the curtain tiebacks, and complete the look. They are like the ones seen in the pictures.
  • What are my colour or material options?
    For certain tiebacks, you will have different colours and materials for the same style of tieback. If this is the case, you will see different photos in the listing, and a drop down for colour. Please note that in this drop down, there are also different materials, as well as colours.
  • How do I choose the right sized tieback?
    For normal Tiebacks: There are many different sizes to chose between. In order to find the right size for your curtain, a good method is to use a tape measure. Simply wrap the tape measure around the curtain as if it was the tieback, and find the length from the start to the point where you pinch the tape measure together. Our most popular size is 20 inches/50cm for standard curtains. The advertised length in the adverts includes the loops, so is effectively from one end to the other. For Monkey Fist Knots: Measure around the curtain with a tape measure, and find your length required. You must then add a few more inches to this length, as you will need to feed the knot through the loop. This overall size will be your required length.
  • Can I order hooks?
    Yes. Our curtain tiebacks can be purchases both with and without curtain hooks. Please look down the drop down options for the choices to purchase either a single tieback with a hook or a pair of tiebacks with two hooks. The hooks sold are the same as in the main picture. These are a rustic black iron hook, that will complete the overall look perfectly for your home.
  • I need something unique, that I can’t see listed here. Can you make something for me?"
    Yes. I make many custom orders. Please contact me to see whether it will be possible to fulfil your idea. If I can create this for you, then I will create a custom order for you. If you have a photo of what you are looking to create, you could send this through to me. To get in contact with me, please click on the ‘Message Andrea’ button on the bottom right hand side, and please send me a message.
  • Sizing details
    For standard tiebacks with a loop on each side, they are measured across the entire length of rope, so in other words the tip of the loop on one side, to the tip of the loop on the other side. For monkey fist knots, we measure the excluding the size of the monkey fist knot. The measurement is from where the rope attaches to the knot, to the rope on the other side. This is not from knot to knot.
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