• These elegant, large sky blue monkey fist tiebacks will complete the look of any room in your home, with an eye catching style.  

    These beautiful tiebacks come in a range of different cotton cord colours to fit any room, or make a statement. They look especially attractive with contemporary decor.

    Wall Hooks are recommended. Wall hooks can be purchased through this listing. Tiebacks are offered to purchase both with and without hooks.

    The wall hooks are lovely rustic, solid iron hooks, that have a black finish. They have an old style look to them and will finish of the overall look of your curtains and tiebacks.

    Wall hook measurements:  4cm/1.57 inches across, and approx 4.5cm/1.77 inches high. the hook protrudes approximately 6.5cm/2.56 inches.

    For monkey fist tiebacks, we don't include the measurement of the monkey fist knot in the total length. In other words, we measure the tieback from where the cotton rope attaches to the monkey fist to the end of the rope on the other side. The measurement is not from knot to knot. Please use a tape measure to check the size needed, by wrapping the tape measure around the curtain, and finding a comfortable length

    For frequently asked questions, please refer to the FAQ page.

    If you would like to ask about a custom order, or if you can't find what you are looking for, please send me a message.

    Large Sky Blue Monkey Fist Tieback