• These elegant curtain tie backs are made from a lovely charcoal grey rope. This unique and attractive  design will provide a beautiful finishing touch to any room in your home, and go well with a wide range of home decor, and curtain fabrics.

    This hemp rope is made from a three strand construction.  It is soft to touch and will not shrink or swell when wet. We sell this style of tieback in charcoal grey, beige and white. Please select your preferred colour. The thickness of the rope I use is 1cm/0.39 inches. The Knot size: 6 inch x 3.5 inch

    The tiebacks are sold in pairs and singles.

    Care Instructions : Wipe using damp cloth and allow to air dry. Do not wash. 

    The curtains used in this listing are of standard width thin and not lined. I recommend using longer ties for full, lined curtains.

    We make each tieback to your exact size requirements, but if you need a size you can't see listed, please get in touch.

    We sell tiebacks as a single, or pairs,  with two further options per size to include wall hooks.  Wall hooks available to order from the dropdown menu. The wall hooks are lovely rustic, solid iron hooks, that have a black finish. They have an old style look to them and will finish of the overall look of your curtains and tiebacks.

    Wall hook measurements:  4cm/1.57 inches across, and approx 4.5cm/1.77 inches high. the hook protrudes approximately 6.5cm/2.56 inches.

    The tiebacks are measured from one end of the rope to the other. (From the tip of the loop on one end to the tip of the loop on the other end). Please use a tape measure to check the size needed, by wrapping the tape measure around the curtain, and finding a comfortable length.

    For frequently asked questions, please refer to the FAQ page.

    If you need any help, or have a question, please also feel free to contact me here, or use the live chat box in the lower right hand corner of this page.

    I can make a custom order if you need something you can't otherwise find. Please send me a message, if you would like to ask.

    Large Charcoal Grey Double Square Knot Curtain Tie Backs