• Beautiful handmade rope tiebacks, made to a high standard and to order. These chunky curtain tiebacks compliment any living room, bedroom or nautical themed room and add a stunning and unique style. With their lovely natural look, they match curtain fabric of any colour. This grade 1 manila three strand natural fibre rope is durable, flexible and resistant to sunlight.

    The tie-backs can be purchased in singles and in pairs, both with and without the hooks. 

    To construct the tiebacks, I use three lengths of 0.55 inch/1.4cm rope, for each length. 

    The tiebacks are measured from one end of the rope to the other. (From the tip of the loop on one end to the tip of the loop on the other end). Please use a tape measure to check the size needed, by wrapping the tape measure around the curtain, and finding a comfortable length.

    For frequently asked questions, please refer to the FAQ page. 

    If you need any help, or have a question please contact me.

    I can make a custom order if you need something you can't otherwise find. Please send me a message, if you would like to ask.



    Manila rope is made from Natural fibres. There might on occasion be an occurrence of an odour when you receive the item. This is nothing to be concerned about. The smell is sometimes caused by the batch treatment that is put on the rope at the manufacturing stage – this is required because you cannot ‘dry spin’ the fibres. This smell will soon subside. This is an unavoidable thing with this type of natural rope and should be considered before you buy the item.