Handmade Rope Tiebacks and Home Accessories

Andrea Cook Interiors is my little shop full of lovely handmade things. I love to design and make new and unique items for the home, that will add a little something special that you can’t find anywhere else.
I began by up-cycling furniture, which I did for about a year until we moved into an apartment. That put a stop to my up-cycling venture. I learnt a lot by working with wood and different types of paint. Being a creative sort of person I can’t just sit still doing nothing. I’m studying towards a degree in Interior Design which is another passion of mine.
More recently; after finding that certain things I was looking for our new empty home were not available to buy, I decided to make them myself. I now produce curtain tie backs, lampshades and unique items for the home. I am expanding my line of items all the time, with new exciting ideas popping into my head (and I have lots of those!)
Watch this space and please get in touch if you want to ask a question or chat, I will be very happy to help.
Happy shopping!

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